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27 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2019

via Marketing Every once in a while, I'll come across a website that really draws me in. So, I found 27 of them to show you.These sites push the boundaries of what is known to be possible on the web. Whether it's the design aesthetic, usability, interactivity, sound design, or value that the site provides, each one is a masterpiece in its respective industry, and something to be inspired by.Not surprisingly, many organizations exist to highlight these sites and the contributions they make to the web. To help surface some of the most inspirational designs, I gathered 21 award-winners that have made their way through several key awards organizations -- including Awwwards, UX Awards, The Webby Awards, SiteInspire, Best Website Gallery, and FWA.Click the links below to jump to a group of website designs that crushed it in the last several years:Best Website Designs from 2014 – 2015Best Website Designs from 2016Best Website Designs from 2017Best Website Designs from 2018Below this …

An Introduction to Brand Dilution, Extensions, and Cannibalization

via Marketing You might know Cadbury for their high-end chocolate and candy, but did you know they sold instant mashed potatoes from the early 1960s to the mid 1980s? Image Credit:Geek Goes VintageSmash, their instant mashed potato brand, surprisingly reached mainstream success. But, unfortunately, it was at the expense of lowering their flagship product’s perceived quality.Cadbury is a premium confectionery company, so when they started producing low-end food products, like instant mashed potatoes, it’s not shocking to learn that their association with the finest chocolates weakened. Eventually, in 1986, Cadbury sold Smash, only 20 years after they introduced their instant mashed potatoes to the world.Cadbury’s expansion into instant mashed potatoes created a new revenue stream and even generated more sales for them, but it damaged their brand as a whole. This phenomena is called brand dilution, and, below, we’ll dive into it, as well as other related concepts called brand extensions …

What Is Semi-Structured Data?

via Marketing To consider what semi-structured data is, let's start with an analogy -- interviewing.Let's say you're conducting a semi-structured interview. This, as the name implies, falls somewhere in-between a structured and unstructured interview.For context, a structured interview is one in which the questions being asked, as well as the order in which they are asked, is pre-determined by your HR team and consistent for each candidate. An unstructured interview, on the other hand, is one in which the questions, and the order in which they are asked, is up to the discretion of the interviewer -- and could be entirely different for each candidate.When you consider these two extremes, you can begin to see the benefits of semi-structured interviews, which are fairly consistent and quantitative (like a structured interview), but still provide the interviewer with a window for building rapport, and asking follow-up questions.Semi-structured data is similar in nature to a se…

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The Beginner's Guide to Editing YouTube Videos

via Marketing As a video marketer, editing might be the most important part of post-production. If you can’t seamlessly weave your shots together or get your cut to hit the right frame, your video will seem unpolished and disengage your viewers.That said, if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, you might not be able to afford video editing software. So what’s a video marketer to do without editing software? Fortunately, YouTube offers a web-based video editor that is completely free and accessible through its platform.YouTube’s video editor is an extremely basic editing tool, but it can still let you trim clips out of any part of your video, so read on to learn how to chop up your videos right in the video platform.How to Use YouTube's Video Editor1. Sign in to YouTube Studio2. On the left side bar, click “Videos” 3. In “Uploads”, click the thumbnail of the video you want to edit.4. In the left sidebar, click “Editor”. 5. Trim the beginning or end of your video.If you want to tr…